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Re: Making screen look for a pattern to detect "activity"

From: donothing successfully
Subject: Re: Making screen look for a pattern to detect "activity"
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 21:29:30 +0100

Oops, sorry, replied off list by accident, here it is for google-completeness:


From the info pages for screen:
`!:sed -n s/.*Error.*/\007/p'
   Sends window output to both, the user and the sed command. The sed
   inserts an additional bell character (oct. 007) to the window
   output seen by screen.  This will cause 'Bell in window x'
   messages, whenever the string `Error' appears in the window.

The following command should take you straight to the page:
info screen 'Subprocess Execution' 'Using Exec'


On 19/05/06, Hari Bhaskaran <address@hidden> wrote:

I want to make screen look for a certain configurable pattern in the
output to detect "activity" (for the montoring feature
Cntrl-a M thingy). I am running a custom program which would print a
certain pattern that I want to watch for, not
necessarily a strict "silence" or "activity"- which currently means any

Is there a way to achieve this in screen? Any help is appreciated


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