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Re: avoiding warning message and delay in "macro"

From: Ian Wat
Subject: Re: avoiding warning message and delay in "macro"
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 08:54:10 -0400
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* Eric Smith (address@hidden) wrote:
> I am using tabs in vim7 and have several files permanently opened
> on screen window called "data".  I have bindings as per:
> bind r eval 'select data' 'stuff :tabn1^M'
> bind t eval 'select data' 'stuff :tabn2^M'
> This works perfectly if I am not in window "data".
> But I want to use the same keystrokes even if I am in the data
> window.  But then I get the error message "This IS window ..."
> and an irritating 1 sec pause.

Perhaps you can select the blank window, then select your desired
window.  I think this should at least skip the message.


 Ian J Wat

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