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Re: Bind Shift-Tab?

From: Andy Harrison
Subject: Re: Bind Shift-Tab?
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 15:04:33 -0500

On 1/16/07, Aaron Davies <address@hidden> wrote:
Is it possible to bind shift-tab to a screen command ("focus up", in
particular)? Using ctrl-V to print a literal shift-tab results in a
^[[Z under my current terminal settings.

I see in the man page there is a back tab listed under THE VIRTUAL
TERMINAL section:

      ESC [ Pn I            (A)  Horizontal Tab
      ESC [ Pn Z            (A)  Backward Tab

I'm sure you'll need to do something with the bindkey command, but I'm
not sure exactly how to do that part...

Keep in mind, though, if you're using doing this from a graphical
desktop environment of any kind, your window manager will probably be
trapping this key combination already and will not pass it along to

Andy Harrison

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