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screen -X aclchg *

From: Heinz Ahrens
Subject: screen -X aclchg *
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 15:59:33 -0000


i  use screen with two users on one account. 2 users can connect. They use one 
user and then they change to root.


if  [ -z $STY ]; then                                                           
  /usr/bin/screen -xRR;                                                         
  exit 0;                                                                       
  /usr/bin/screen -X defscrollback 1000                                         
  /usr/bin/screen -X hardstatus alwayslastline '[%H] %w%=%u %d.%m.%y %c'        
  /usr/bin/screen -X aclchg screen -x 'detach,screen,pow_detach'                

Outside of screen screen -xRR, inside the other commands.

My problem is the fact, that i want to use it for every user, not only the user 

If i use 
/usr/bin/screen -X aclchg screen -x 'detach,screen,pow_detach'  
everything is ok for the user screen

if i use
/usr/bin/screen -X aclchg * -x 'detach,screen,pow_detach'  
is it not ok (in /etc/screenrc i can use * for all users)

Perhaps someone can help me. I use a command to -x to all users on the actual 

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