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Question about screen, vim and function keys

From: Zoltan Toth
Subject: Question about screen, vim and function keys
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 18:57:58 -0000


I have some function keys mapped to some commands for vim. For example, my .vimrc file contains the lines shown below. This seems to work just fine EXCEPT when I am using screen. Note that I type screen by itself to get multiple shells in one window, as oppose to doing "screen vim". Any idea why I'm getting this behaviour and how I can change it?

Thanks for reading this,

" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
"  Toggle various options on and off and show the current value
"   - <F9>  = Paste mode
"   - <F10> = Line numbers
"   - <F11> = Highlight tabs and trailing blanks
"   - <F12> = Word wrapping
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
map <F9>  :set invpaste  paste?<CR>
map <F10> :set invnumber number?<CR>
map <F11> :set invlist   list?<CR>
map <F12> :set invwrap   wrap?<CR>

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