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Re: Screen window closes on application exit

From: grok
Subject: Re: Screen window closes on application exit
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 12:49:15 -0800
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> : As  the  zombie-setting  is  manipulated globally for all
> : windows, this command should only be called defzombie.
> : Until we need this  as  a  per window setting, the
> : commands zombie and defzombie are synonymous.
> For example, "zombie dr" makes it so the window won't
> close until you press "d" -- or, if you press "r", screen
> will attempt to re-run the program that was exiting.
> > Regards, Frayja

Howsabout when you want certain programs only to exit to a
shell commandline when you decide to manually exit them, now
and then..? i.e. not necessarily run the same program again,
or with the same input data file -- but you want that screen
to stay right there?

- -- grok.

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