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Best Terminal Settings

From: Peter Beckman
Subject: Best Terminal Settings
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 16:34:05 -0400 (EDT)

Every few months/years I realize that many new features and settings are
made for things I use daily: tcsh, screen, vim, iTerm (OSX).  From time to
time when I don't copy over my potentially centuries-old RC files, I find
new features or cool highlighting I didn't know about previously.

So I've been using screen and tcsh and vim for a few years, and am recently
new to iTerm.  I currently have my terminal setting to VT220 as xterm
caused me some headaches with resizing my window upon reconnecting to a
running screen session.

I have to admit, though I someone understand the concept behind termcap and
term settings, they work in spite of me in my current setup.  I log into
multiple Linux and FreeBSD servers and run screen on them all, so I want to
try to unify the way I connect to them all, rather than try and haphazardly
fix my screen or tcsh settings when it doesn't work as expected.  Color is

What terminal setting(s) do most people use?  When is backspace ^H and when
is it ^? and when should it change?  What tips/tricks should I use?

Peter Beckman                                                  Internet Guy

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