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Re: Screen and Linux box characters

From: Thomas Köhler
Subject: Re: Screen and Linux box characters
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 13:56:13 +0200
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Hi Richard,

Richard Cryer wrote:
> Hi.
> However, it seem that Redhat 8 and onwards has a problem in that it
> won't let me display box characters, something that the application we
> run relys on to display the screen layouts correctly.
> If I run this shell script outside of screen on Redhat Linux 8 or above,
> I get the box characters displayed. Within 'screen -T vt100' I get
> garbage.

I can think of the following possible solutions:
1. terminfo is messed up for vt100. Have you tried something
else? "screen -T xterm" or such.
2. Your terminal emulator is broken/buggy: Have you tried xterm?
3. Maybe Redhat 8 uses UTF-8 by default which might break things
as well. Have you checked this? Have you tried to switch to
iso-8859-1 or similar?


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