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rxvt-unicode and alt+arrow bindings

From: jieryn
Subject: rxvt-unicode and alt+arrow bindings
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 14:00:20 -0400


I am trying to bind the alt+left_arrow and alt+right_arrow keys to be
the screen prev and next commands, respectively. I can easily do this
in xterm via:

bindkey  "^[[1;3D" prev           # xterm: alt + left arrow
bindkey  "^[[1;3C" next           # xterm: alt + right arrow

I obtained this information by issuing the cat command without a file
parameter, then pressed the appropriate keys. I repeat this exercise
while inside urxvt ($TERM=rxvt-unicode) and then form the following

bindkey  "^[^[[D" prev           # urxvt: alt + left arrow
bindkey  "^[^[[C" next           # urxvt: alt + right arrow

But these do not work. I can't seem to get any variation of \e or ^[
working, nor ' and " enclosings. I am often in xterm and urxvt, and
really need to maintain both sets of bindings. Any help would be
greatly appreciated, thanks!


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