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how do I bind Super- and Meta- ?

From: Miernik
Subject: how do I bind Super- and Meta- ?
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 13:18:48 +0200
User-agent: mutt-ng/devel-r804 (Debian)

How can I bind Super- (mod4) or Meta- (mod3) to some function in GNU

For example I would like to bind Super-1 to select window 1 and so on.

That key is defined like this here:

address@hidden:~$ cat /home/miernik/.Xmodmap | egrep -i "super|mod4"
  keycode 109   = Super_L Super_R
  clear mod4
  add   mod4    = Super_L Super_R

Same question for Meta- modifier, which is like this:

address@hidden:~$ cat /home/miernik/.Xmodmap | egrep -i "meta|mod3"
  keycode  37   = Meta_L Meta_R
  clear mod3
  add   mod3    = Meta_L Meta_R

Contrary to what is done on most systems, Alt is a completely different
beast here, and I don't want to touch that.


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