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screen and leopard

From: Kenichi Nakamura
Subject: screen and leopard
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 11:49:33 -0800

hi screen-users,

after upgrading to leopard, i found many things not working properly from inside screen.  the most annoying example was svn binaries not being able to access KeyChain.  i'm not really sure, but it appears as if apple disabled utmp support somehow, without changing to use utmpx, since screenrc settings like 'deflogin' were suddenly unrecognized.

after fussing around with the source, i wound up with the attached changes.  i'm not a real c programmer, but i've got enough to be scary.  i probably screwed it up bad, though it appears to work "perfectly": svn can talk to KeyChain again, mate can talk to TextMate again...

in any event, i humbly present my patch to you, to be applied against a 4.0.2 source tree.  i'd appreciate any and all feedback you have on this...



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