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local and remote sessions "all in one" ?

From: gringo fent
Subject: local and remote sessions "all in one" ?
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 11:25:56 +0100

Hi all,

first of all, apologies if this has already been discussed or if this is already documented. I wasn´t able to find anything.

I always start screen with three or four consoles for my daily work but if i f.ex.ssh to another box ( from within one of these open consoles) and try to load there the same configuration i cannot switch between remote consoles, only local consoles ( as expected).

So, following this example, would it be possible to switch between all 8 remote and local consoles ? Or even better, is there some way to instruct screen to jump from local to remote consoles ? Does this make sense ?

I hope i explained myself correctly ( englich isn´t my main language) and please cc me as i´m not suscribed to the list.

thanks in advance,

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