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blankerprg killed with SIGKILL

From: Rich Healey
Subject: blankerprg killed with SIGKILL
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 13:10:15 +1000
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Hi List,

Sorry I already posted this to screen-devel a few days back, but that
list seems dead and I'm hoping that someone on list list can help.

If cross posting offends you, feel free to ignore this mail.

My blanker program appears to be being killed by a SIGKILL instead of a
SIGHUP as the source for the function KillBlanker() in display.c
implies, this is confirmed by commenting out the Kill in KillBlanker()

As a further test, i replaced the int D_blankerpid (which should contain
my blanker's pid presumably, with a known pid of a process i started
before building screen.

Upon killing my blanker 2 things happened:
        a) my other program was killed by a SIGINT (i'd changed the signal, so
this is correct)
        b) my blanker was killed violently by a SIGKILL.

This (at least to me) shows that something else is killing it, probably
as a fallback to the SIGHUP failing, but is not giving it ample time to

I can't find this in the code though, if anyone knows anecdotally what
the program does, this will help me track down the problem.

Also, if I'm overlooking something obvious, please let me know, I'm
fairly new to C.


Rich Healey
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