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Re: Two little features (and a bounty?)

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: Two little features (and a bounty?)
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 22:36:02 -0700
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Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
>> That's unlikely to be true. The applications on the other end of the SSH
>> tunnel requested the click events, first (based on the TERM env var
>> having something like "xterm" in it: they check for that value
>> explicitly, but usually don't recognize "screen" as a mouse-capable term
>> name). Try running your ssh session under script, and check for the
>> \E1001h, etc, sequences, in the resulting typescript.
> This is wrong.  Setting the $TERM to "xterm" within screen does not
> cause nano -m to work for me.

It does for me, over your provided ssh access. I'll provide the full
details when I'm done exploring.

> As far as I know, once a terminal session is negotiated, settings don't
> change.  Screen is particularly obnoxious about intercepting and not
> passing down the pipe things it doesn't understand.
> You're telling me that in the following chain...
> [1 local window mananger] -- [2 xterm] -- [3 ssh] -- [4 sshd] -- [5
> shell] -- [6 application]
> That somehow #6 can tell #2 or even #1 not to send their events?  I
> think the "local" terminal is far dumber than that.

The question is whether it can tell them _to_ send their events. And
yes, that's accurate: a program that sends the "send mouse events"
sequence to screen will have them passed along to other terms - provided
that screen itself detects that it is being run in a mouse-capable
display (determined by checking for the presence of either "xterm" or
"rxvt" in the TERM value). (This is _exactly_ why terminfo needs to be
extended to allow advertising this feature.) That list ought to be
expanded to include "screen" itself. I thought I remembered patching
that once, but maybe it was a distro-specific patch that didn't make it
upstream, or something.

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and GNU Wget Project Maintainer.
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