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Re: query current window title to stdout?

From: Michael Parson
Subject: Re: query current window title to stdout?
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 16:01:23 -0500

On Aug 15, 2008, at 11:42 AM, Michael Parson wrote:

I've got a user that wants to be able to, with a single command, rename the title for the current window when he edits a file to the name of the file he is editing.


Can this be done? or is the solution I've come up with going to be about as good as it gets?

working with a friend, we came up with this:

_svim () {
        /usr/bin/screen -X msgwait 5
        echo -ne "\ekediting $1\e\\"
        /usr/bin/vim $1

svim () {
        tname=`basename $(mktemp -u)`
        /usr/bin/screen -t $tname
        /usr/bin/screen -X msgwait 0
        /usr/bin/screen -X at "$tname" stuff "_svim $1^M"

Which lets me do fun things like:

for ij in do; svim $ij; done

And have 3 new windows pop open with the new files in them, window titles set appropriately, should be race-condition safe.

This is all on a Linux box, using bash, and has the gnu mktemp installed. Other systems will have to be modified as needed.

Michael Parson

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