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prefer share to hijack?

From: Aaron Davies
Subject: prefer share to hijack?
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 17:25:08 +0800

is there an easy way to get the "get me a screen at any cost" behavior
of -D -RR while still preferring to share (-x) rather than forcibly
detach any existing screen? my common case is logging onto linux boxes
from my primary work desktop, and there may or may not be previous
screens around--i want them back if there are, i want new ones if
there aren't. the rare case though is logging onto the same boxes from
my work laptop to demo something on the projector, in which case
there's almost certainly existing screens around, which are probably
still attached on my windows box. i'd prefer if i didn't have to
reconnect everything when i get back to my desktop.

the only solution i can think of is something like

screen -ls && screen -x || screen -D -RR

(which is actually redundant, isn't it? shouldn't that reduce to

screen -ls && screen -x || screen


but that seems kind of inelegant.
Aaron Davies

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