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Re: Patch to move and renumber windows, screen-4.0.3

From: Thomas Adam
Subject: Re: Patch to move and renumber windows, screen-4.0.3
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 14:33:57 +0100

Hello --

2008/8/27  <address@hidden>:
>  - I've written no documentation in the patch.

Then until you do, I am going to reject this patch outright.
Regardless of whether or not this patch is applied to GIT in time for
the next release is another matter entirely.  But since you're making
user-visible changes and adding in a new command, the documentation is
a vital part of your patch.

Not having ever looked at the patch (sorry, no time) does it handle
renumbering window in layouts correctly?  Recall that a layout can
have any number of differently numbered windows -- renumbering those
such that it doesn't conflict with another window number in a layout
is going to be an issue.

-- Thomas Adam

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