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Re: Screen has odd blank out behaviour

From: Trent W. Buck
Subject: Re: Screen has odd blank out behaviour
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2008 11:41:22 +1000
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Ed Wagner <address@hidden> writes:
> [a long, confusing post]

I'm sorry, Ed, but I just couldn't understand that post.

Please answer the following questions *separately*:

1) what are the steps to reproduce the problem?
2) what happens when you follow the steps in (1)?
3) what do you want/expect to happen when you follow the steps in (1)?

In your previous post you have mixed up the answers with

- your guesses as to what the problem is;
- what references you consulted; and
- your attempts to fix the problem

These data get in the way when we're trying to understand what the
problem *is* (the first three questions).  It's like going to your
doctor and saying "I need this leg amputated" (your guess) instead of
"my knee make a funny cracking noise when I bend over" (the problem).
By all means give your guesses, but do that *after* answering the first
three questions.

Here's an example of a good report:

  From in OS X, I ssh to a Debian Etch server and run
  screen there.  In screen if I then run less(1), when I quit less the
  screen is cleared -- I just get a shell prompt at the top of the
  screen.  I want it to go back to showing the shell output from before
  I ran less.  For example, if I ran "ls -l" before I ran "less", I
  expect the ls output to be displayed again when I quit less.

  This problem also happens if I connect to the Debian server from an
  Ubuntu 8.04 laptop using xterm or gnome-terminal.  It also happens if
  I run "emacs" instead of "less".

  The problem goes away if I just ssh to the server and run less or
  emacs straight away (without starting screen), the problem goes away.

  The problem still happens if I remove my .screenrc on both OS X and on
  the Debian server.  I'm starting a new screen session each time, not
  using "screen -R" to reconnect to an old one.

  I looked at the screen manual and the mailing list archive, but I
  couldn't work out how to fix this.  I tried putting "autonuke off" in
  my .screenrc on the Debian server, but it didn't help.

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