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Re: Deatached Sessions Dissapair after reboot.

From: Trent W. Buck
Subject: Re: Deatached Sessions Dissapair after reboot.
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2008 09:46:53 +1000
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peter holm <address@hidden>

> I am running Ubuntu Hardy
> I use screen mostley locallly.
> I have this problem.
> When i deatacch a screensession and then reboot its gone.
> is there anything i can do to make my computer save the sessions between
> reboots.?

Like all other processes, the screen session's status is stored in
volatile memory.  That means when the hardware loses power, the process
state vanishes.  Nothing you can do inside screen can stop this.

What you *can* do is investigate the ACPI sleep status sometimes called
"suspend to ram" or "suspend to disk".  The former will put your machine
into a low-power mode, but still provide power to the volatile memory.
The latter, which is probably what you want, writes a copy of the
volatile memory to a swap partition, and restores it when you turn the
machine back on.  This gives you (some) benefits of an always-on machine
without the continuous power consumption.

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