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Re: Using the numpad in nested screens

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: Using the numpad in nested screens
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 00:24:14 -0800
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Chris Lieb wrote:
> I am a new screen user and have run into a problem.
> When I ssh into a server, screen automatically starts, just as I want.
> The number pad works without issue.  I then ssh into another server,
> where screen also automatically starts up.  When I use the number pad,
> it no longer works until I exit out of that nested screen session.

Please describe exactly what you mean by "it no longer works". Does it
do nothing at all? Does it spew funny characters? Do 7 and 1 go to the
beginning and end of a line, respectively, and the point (.) delete
characters in front of the cursor?

> If I
> create a new screen, the number pad works there, but not in the screen
> where I'm ssh'd into another host.

What do you mean by, "If I create a new screen"? Do you mean, if you
quit the first and create a new one, or do you mean starting a nested
one, but not in (the second) ssh, via something like "screen -m"?

What terminal are you using? What does the "infocmp" command give
outside of screen (but inside the first ssh: suspend it with C-a z or
something if that can get you to a shell within the ssh); what does
"infocmp" give inside of screen, and what does "infocmp" give inside of
screen on the remote host?

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