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Re: Using the numpad in nested screens

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: Using the numpad in nested screens
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 11:30:39 -0800
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Chris Lieb wrote:
> Micah Cowan wrote:
>> Chris Lieb wrote:
>>> I am a new screen user and have run into a problem.
>>> When I ssh into a server, screen automatically starts, just as I want.
>>> The number pad works without issue.  I then ssh into another server,
>>> where screen also automatically starts up.  When I use the number pad,
>>> it no longer works until I exit out of that nested screen session.
>> Please describe exactly what you mean by "it no longer works". Does it
>> do nothing at all? Does it spew funny characters? Do 7 and 1 go to the
>> beginning and end of a line, respectively, and the point (.) delete
>> characters in front of the cursor?
> I mean that, regardless of that key is pressed, no output is displayed.

Any change in behavior if you press keys while you're running the "cat"
command? How about if you hit the "numpad" key (while in "cat")?

>>> If I
>>> create a new screen, the number pad works there, but not in the screen
>>> where I'm ssh'd into another host.
>> What do you mean by, "If I create a new screen"? Do you mean, if you
>> quit the first and create a new one, or do you mean starting a nested
>> one, but not in (the second) ssh, via something like "screen -m"?
> I have the following in my .bash_profile on both computers:
>> if [ "$STY" = "" ]; then
>>      export PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -n -e "\033k\033\\"'
>>      exec /usr/bin/screen -RR
>> fi
> That code is executed whenever I ssh into one of the computers.

That doesn't quite answer my question, though. You said it continues to
work if you create a new screen. What did you mean by that?


Try adding the line:

  terminfocap screen* ks@:ke@

to your final destination host's ~/.screenrc or /etc/screenrc, and see
if that makes a difference in (freshly started) screen sessions.

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