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Re: changing location of uscreens/ ?

From: Pau
Subject: Re: changing location of uscreens/ ?
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 15:42:39 +0100

> I don't know what you mean by "is working perfectly", but just because
> you place your screen sockets directory in a persistent location doesn't
> mean that your screen sessions will persist across a reboot: they simply
> cannot.

I mean that I am a moron. Because of some reason I thought it'd
survive but, as you and a friend of mine predicted, it didn't

Sorry for the confusion. After... ten? years of having in front of me
a unix/linux machine, I didn't know what a socket is.

I would like screen to survive a reboot, but I am starting to
understand that this is not trivial at all and that I should forget
about it.

> -mjc
> Pau wrote:
>> no, actually the
>> --with-socket-dir option
>> is working perfectly
>> I am now trying to find a safe location to chmod 777 (I'm paranoid)
>> thanks!
>> 2009/3/4 Aaron Davies <address@hidden>:
>>> On Mar 4, 2009, at 6:02 PM, Pau wrote:
>>>> Probably I am not understanding something or I am being obscure. Sorry
>>>> in any case.
>>>> I would like my session to be saved even after a boot.
>>> this is out of scope for screen, at least if you expect anything other than
>>> your layout to be saved. you may want to look into CryoPID.

Let there be peace on earth. And let it begin with misc

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