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Re: screen, PuTTY, and kernel config

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: screen, PuTTY, and kernel config
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 12:40:41 -0700
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Chris Lieb wrote:
> Micah Iowan wrote:
>> GNU ncurses has a specific entry for putty, so you might want to "tic"
>> the latest terminfo definitions from ncurses (it's in a file named
>> misc/terminfo.src, IIRC). And then, of course, have PuTTY set TERM to
>> "putty". (You'd need to compile these terminfo descriptions on each
>> system you use screen on.)
> What do you mean by "tic" the latest terminfo?  I was unable to find a
> file called terminfo.src on my system using slocate.

What I meant is, download the latest ncurses package from GNU, and run
"tic" on that file, which you should find within the extracted directory.

>> Otherwise, typing your cursor keys while running
>> cat-under-screen-under-putty, and comparing with what terminfo/termcap
>> say about what the cursor keys should be, is often illuminating.
> I get the same output from cat whether I am in PuTTY-screen or
> PuTTY-screen-ssh-screen, even though the latter does not work in curses
> applications.

What specific values do you get?

You might need to compare what screen says they should be, too ("infocmp
screen" in your shell: look for the values of kcub1, kcud1, etc). Check
also to see if their values differ between your host system and the
remote system.

Also, what is the value of $TERM in (a) just putty, (b) screen-in-putty
(c) screen-over-ssh-in-screen-in-putty.

(Actually, I should probably have had you test with "tput smkx; cat;
tput rmkx", rather than cat by itself; please try that and see if you
get anything different)

In particular, you should compare what you get for the tput/cat combo
when you type the cursor-down key directly, with what you get when you do
  C-a : stuff $:kd:
(with the tput/cat combo running).

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