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problems with mutt and xterm-title (new user)

From: ssizarit
Subject: problems with mutt and xterm-title (new user)
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 16:04:00 +0100

I've been playing around with screen for the last two days and like it so far.

But there is one thing that bothers me: When I start mutt from my
shell (bash, with gnome-terminal), the terminal title changes to mutt:

That's actually very good. What's not so good is the fact that this
title remains the terminal-title even after I've quit mutt. And
doesn't change. Here's my screenrc:

termcapinfo xterm* 'hs:ts=\E]0;:fs=\007:ds=\E]0;\007'
defhstatus "screen ^E (^Et) | address@hidden"
hardstatus off
shelltitle "$ |bash"
defutf8 on
startup_message off
vbell off
altscreen on
shell -${SHELL}
bell "bell     in %n (%t) [%w:%s]~"

I googled and found no solution, so that's why I'm posting in this list.


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