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issue with multiuser + unicode

From: Matías Graña
Subject: issue with multiuser + unicode
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 10:20:12 -0300
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Hi; I'm new to this list though I've been using screen for quite a long
time. I recently tried multiuser mode and I've found the following

1) I'm at host A and ssh to host B by using a urxvt terminal.
2) In host B I lauch a screen in multiuser mode.
3) Again from host A, from a different urxvt term, I do
   'ssh hostB -t screen -x session'
4) Now I can see the session in both terminals. If in the first terminal
   I use utf8 characters, like á, they work fine in both terms.
   If in the second terminal I use utf8 chars, they are seen wrong in
   the first term, and they are seen sometimes fine, sometimes wrong in
   the second one.

Any hins where I can begin looking at?
I don't know what are the relevant rc files I should send, that is why I
refrain from doing this email much longer than it is by attaching
.screenrc files and such. Of course, I can send them if they are needed.

Thanks in advance,
Matías Graña

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