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Re: who am i on screen

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: who am i on screen
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 13:52:45 -0700
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Tales Macedo wrote:
> Thanks for answer me
>    Initially excuse my english.
>    When I try to run the command $ who am i on screen session, it does
> not show anything. Type:
>     $  screen
>     (on screen session I try: )
>     screen>  who  am  i
>                   don't show anything.
>    outside the screen:
>    tales     pts/8    ....   (

Ah, ok, I was thinking you were talking about "whoami", rather than "who
am i". That situation is less unlikely, then. :)

The reason is that screen is not updating /var/run/utmp for some reason.
Various reasons why this might be:
  - screen doesn't have proper permissions to write to utmp
    Solution: ensure that screen is setgid utmp, or setuid root
  - screen is not configured to write to utmp
    Solution: ensure that "deflogin on" is not unset in your
    /etc/screenrc and ~/.screenrc.

My own setup does not normally have setgid utmp, but screen will happily
tell me "this window is logged in", rather than error out as it ought
to. I'll file a bug to investigate that.

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