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defmonitor and msgwait

From: Michael Maurer
Subject: defmonitor and msgwait
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 15:42:15 +0200


I want to turn monitoring on for one of my screen-sessions,
but don't know how to accomplish this without using the following setup:

excerpt from my .screenrc:

msgwait 15
screen -t omega         0       /home/michael/programme/
screen -t newsbeuter    5       newsbeuter
defmonitor on
screen -t mutt          4       mutt
defmonitor off
screen -t cmus          3       cmus
screen -t beta          2       /home/michael/programme/
screen -t alpha         1       /home/michael/programme/

The problem with this setup is the variable msgwait. After "defmonitor on",
it waits 15 secs before continuing to process the rest of my screenrc. Is there
a way to circumvent this, ie have a "long" msgwait but without stalling for
said amount of time when turning defmonitor on?

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