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screen producing a read only file system?

From: Ray Haque
Subject: screen producing a read only file system?
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 22:09:35 -0500


I have built screen for an embedded ARM device.  Everything works okay
- but after moving through a couple of screened windows I keep finding
myself with a "read only file system".  Even after I exit all screens,
the problem persists until I reboot.

Would anyone have any clues as to what is causing this?  I have a
feeling that something ending in a fault or a panic and I just never
hear about it because I lack all forms of logging with this small
embedded platform.

Also - apologies if this message looks familiar.  I thought I posted
it all ready but it doesn't appear in the list archive.

Thanks folks!
Ray Dios Haque

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