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Re: "read only file system" errors with embedded platform

From: Mark Eichin
Subject: Re: "read only file system" errors with embedded platform
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 11:51:33 -0500
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Ray Haque <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello everyone,
> I have built screen to use on an embedded ARM platform (Zipit Z2
> instant messenger).  I am having a problem where if I run multiple
> screens I end up with a "read only file system" and can no longer save
> anything.  If I exit screen completely, the error still exists.  It
> takes a reboot clear the problem away.

Are you running linux on there, or some other OS?  It sounds like the
usual "remount-readonly on filesystem corruption, instead of panicking"
linux behaviour, which (pretty much by definition) is a kernel (or
hardware) bug.

If that's the case, running dmesg or otherwise looking at the kernel
console output should show you; likewise "mount" (or cat /proc/mounts)
should show that it's read only (and fsck should probably end up doing
some work at reboot time to clean it up...)

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