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screen TERM environment problem after upgradation

From: J. Bakshi
Subject: screen TERM environment problem after upgradation
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2010 09:26:05 +0530
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Dear list,

I have the following setting in .screenrc from the beginning

shell -$SHELL

# for locale charset
setenv LC_CTYPE en_US.UTF-8
setenv TERM xterm

hardstatus alwayslastline
hardstatus string '%{= kW}%-Lw%{= Gk}%50>%n%f* %t%{= kW}%+Lw%< %{=
Gk}%-=%D %d %M %Y %c:%s%{-}'

# detach on hangup
autodetach on


I have upgraded my suse box from 11 to 11.1 and the screen version is
now screen-4.0.2-162.35

I have found that vim is not working properly under screen and "echo
$TERM" reports


Where it should be xterm according to .screenrc. If I set the variable
manually with "TERM=xterm" then the problem is solved but screen is not
taking the value from .screenrc. Any clue why it is not working with the
upgraded screen ?


জয়দীপ বক্সী

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