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Re: Reattaching

From: Sadrul Habib Chowdhury
Subject: Re: Reattaching
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 21:46:45 -0500
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* address@hidden had this to say on [18 Feb 2010, 18:31:39 +0000]:
> I run a combination of screen and autossh to open terminal emulators on a 
> remote box R. Occasionally, be by accident or by design, my local box L  
> gets rebooted. When this happens, on bringing L up again I would like to  
> retrieve my screen/autossh terminal emulators running on R. This is easy  
> enough: First I ssh from L into R; in this ssh session I do screen -list 
> to obtain the list of detached screens in R; I finally reattach to the 
> screen session I want by means of exec screen -x id, where id is the id 
> of the target screen session, as printed out by screen -list.
> Although this recovers my detached session all right, the problem is that 
> in RI will now have two screen sessions for each screen session I 
> reattach to. Is there a simple way to reattach without incurring in this 
> drawback?

Do you mean two screen 'processes', when you say two screen 'sessions'?

Also, what exactly do you mean by 'drawback'?


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