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Re: screen-users Digest, Vol 1122, Issue 1

From: Michael Kelleher
Subject: Re: screen-users Digest, Vol 1122, Issue 1
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 15:14:03 -0500

Hi Dan,


bind j eval "copy" "stuff gw^MG^M"

Use C-a j to activate.


What you are trying to accomplish I went through as well a couple years ago. You are taking a good approach but not the best. Screen provides a command (copy) that will allow you to enter the scrollback mode without stuffing a character sequence into the buffer. We can't avoid this in the next part thought; however, instead of using 'process' which is for more heavy duty manipulations you should be using 'stuff'. Finally instead of using space to mark the begin/end of the sequence we are going to use enter because that character is easier to capture.

Happy Thankings giving to the community as well.

On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 2:51 PM, Daniel Patrick Sullivan <address@hidden> wrote:
Ok I have been tinkering around a little bit and I actually want to take this a step further.  I want to write a screen "macro" that does the following things in sequence (I've put the required key for each step at the end of the numbered command;

1) Enter copy mode: ^a[
2) Go to the top of the buffer: g
3) Go forward to the first word: w
4) Begin block selection SPACE
5) Go to the end of the buffer G
6) End block selection SPACE

I found an example online I am not 100% sure how to deal with the spaces so I decided to deal steps 1-3 first.  I found this link online that suggests I should be able to send multiple characters to screen's input queue by leveraging the register and process commands such as;

register j ^a[gw
bindkey j process j

The page that I found this information at is:

I also referenced the GNU documentation and what I have looks like it should do the trick.  The only thing that I see that might need to be tweaked is the -e option, although GNU's documentation doesn't specify what my options are in this regard.  I guess my problem is that it's not working.  When I try to use the bindkey and register at the top what I receive is "No other window" on screens status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Has anybody successfully bound a key to process a register that interacts with screen's buffering capabilities?  Could you maybe share the syntax of your key binding and register with me?



On Nov 28, 2010, at 4:30 AM, Kit Gerrits wrote:

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