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issues using vim under screen

From: ping
Subject: issues using vim under screen
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 15:32:55 -0400
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I'm a heavy vim and screen user, and I find it real convenient to combine this two great tools -- running vim under screen.
but there is one annoying issue about this method in my PC: from time to time I find I can't copy/paste X/system buffer from/to vim anymore- to be more specific: the issue is I can't issue keybind "+p (or "*p) or "+y(or "*y) in vim...this make it hard to use vim under screen. I know there is screen solution of copy/paste among sessions, but I really want to make vim communicate with other programs outside of screen more directly.

and, the even strange symptom is: it started to be good, but then after some days, I can't do it anymore. But at this time if I start a new fresh screen and run vim inside it, the copy/paste actually works. this happened for a couple of times. I guess the issue will always appear after some time I started my vim+screen sessions...

anyone use vim under screen and had any experiences on this?

I did some research, previously I had an impression that this works for me,  but it looks I'm now still having this issue from time to time.

and this plugin seems unrelated to my issue.

thanks in advance!

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