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How to set "screen" to show in more than one screen length

From: Yunfei Li
Subject: How to set "screen" to show in more than one screen length
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 12:29:03 -0400


I am a newer to GNU screen. It is a great software but when I use it, it only shows in one screen length, I mean if I scroll up it will be the information before I connect to "screen". It will come to a problem when I am within "screen" and have a long printing on screen, since the "one screen length limitation" I can only see the the button part of printings, while cannot see all the printings before.  I hope I have describe it clearly. I guess it just a simple setting problem, anyone can help me? BTW, my system is mac os.


Yunfei Li
Bioinformatics Specialist
Bioinformatics Consulting Center
Wartik Lab 502
Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA, 16803
Phone: 509-339-5096

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