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Re: Start multiple screen-sessions per script

From: Frank Röhm
Subject: Re: Start multiple screen-sessions per script
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2015 00:27:49 +0100

> Am 02.03.2015 um 15:30 schrieb Axel Beckert <address@hidden>:
> … I'm tempted to call it a "screen window”

Yes, I mean a screen window, not a screen session.
I need a way to create new screen windows in a script and in these new windows 
there should run a script.

> What I did to solve this for myself was to write a script which
> generates a temporary .screenrc (named differently) which basically
> contains the line "source ~/.screenrc" and then one "screen …" line
> per command I want to run in its own screen window inside that
> session.

I tried this but get not the result.

To test it I created a screenrc file “myscreenrc”:

screen /path/to/
screen /path/to/

and I start this with:

screen -c myscreenrc

But I don’t get a screen with two windows in it, where one running 
and the other running
I get  just another window, without any command started.

And after a long search in the internet I still don’t know if there is a 
solution at all for this problem.

Maybe I misunderstood your solution?
Maybe my question was unclear? Again: I need a script doing just this (in a 
already created screen):

C+a, c,, C+a, c,, … C+a, c,

Can it be this difficult or impossible?


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