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Idle timeout for copy/colon mode?

From: Kyle J. McKay
Subject: Idle timeout for copy/colon mode?
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 19:06:15 -0800

1) start up a screen
2) run top in it
3) Enter ^A: -or- ^A[ (colon or copy command)
4) Display is frozen

Eventually top or whatever other process you have running in the screen will get stuck trying to write output when screen's buffer fills up because display updates are locked while colon or copy mode is active.

Is there a way to set an idle timeout so that after a specified timeout (for example 300 seconds) of no input from the user, any active copy or colon command is automatically aborted?

There doesn't seem to be an "autoabort 300" command available.

I see the idle command allows a command to be run after an idle timeout. And it does trigger when colon or copy is active, but there doesn't seem to be a suitable command to have it execute that will abort any active colon/copy command while being a no-op if neither command is active. Or maybe I was just unsuccessful in finding it...

Any ideas?


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