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Putty and screen resizing

From: Michael Grant
Subject: Putty and screen resizing
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 21:16:01 +0100

I use Putty on windows and then start screen to work with another person. I can see their screen size if I make the putty window large enough and then I can see the boarders with ---- and |.

Unfortunately I am constantly trying to resize the screen to follow someone when they change the screen size.

Is there some way to get Screen to resize the actual Putty window when the screen resizes?

This situation occurs when two people share a screen and the owner resizes their screen.

The situation also occurs when the visitor resizes their Putty window and does a C-a F to resize the screen to their window putty window size.  I understand iTerm resizes itself accordingly whereas Putty does not, or maybe I have some config option set or not set in putty?  I can't find one that seems appropriate.

Michael Grant

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