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Re: Any difference between `screen -r` vs `screen -x` when attaching to

From: Dun Peal
Subject: Re: Any difference between `screen -r` vs `screen -x` when attaching to an already attached session?
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2016 19:17:49 -0400

Thanks, Andrew.

My question is: specifically when attaching to a detached session, is there any difference between using `screen -r` and `screen -x`?

For example, suppose I have a detached session called "foo", which I want to attach to. Is there any reason to prefer:

screen -r foo


screen -x foo

The reason I'm asking is because I'm writing a script to attach to a screen session by name, and I was wondering if it's worth checking if the session is attached and using screen -r in that case, because if there's no difference, I'd just use screen -x, since it attaches to the session whether it's detached or not.

Hope my question is clear... D.

On Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 6:23 PM, Andrew Savchenko <address@hidden> wrote:

On Mon, 4 Jul 2016 18:15:50 -0400 Dun Peal wrote:
> Looking for a command that would attach to a screen session "foo", wether
> it is detached or not. It seems like `screen -x foo` would do it - it
> attaches to "foo" in both cases.
> But is it really the same?  Or is there any difference between `screen -x
> foo` and `screen -r foo` when "foo" is detached?
> Specifically, is there a reason to choose one over the other when "foo" is
> detached?

-x option is needed for multiple display mode, when several users
work the same screen (very useful when one needs to educate
someone :)), so -x doesn't detach session if it is attached.

-r is usually used in single user mode if session is already
detached. It can't attach to already attached session.

Best regards,
Andrew Savchenko

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