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Re: screen-4.6.2 build fails

From: Martin MOKREJŠ
Subject: Re: screen-4.6.2 build fails
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2017 18:34:49 +0100
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Hi Henry,
  you should check config.log file for the error why -lncursesw was not found. 
Probably was found but the linking test failed for some reason. In general, you 
should provide config.log and config.status if you really want somebody to help 
you with this. Do not post them to the email list put use some web service like 
pastebin or similar to make them publicly available.

Henry wrote:
> 2017-11-14 1:48 GMT+09:00 Arkadiusz Drabczyk <address@hidden>:
>> It's not possible to build screen on BSD without patches, that's
>> normal.  If you have root on your BSD system you can download all
>> patches from official BSD repository.  I'm not sure how it's done on
> Thank you ever so much, Arkadiusz.  I was able to successfully build
> screen-4.6.2
> by applying patches from pkgsrc/misc/screen/patches.  However, I can't get the
> configure script to find libncursesw.  I have tried setting various 
> environment
> variables before running configure, but either gcc compile test fails, or 
> still
> -lcurses is in the LIBS in Makefile.
> Do you have suggestions for using ncursesw rather than plain curses?
> Henry
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