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[Senken-devel] gettext now!

From: Frederic Rodrigo
Subject: [Senken-devel] gettext now!
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 14:25:25 +0200
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houuf, gettext run!!!

I have done (a long) work in order to build a gettext system.
I make 2 patchs (Tim, applay only one)
- 1 senken 0.2.5 to senken with gettext system
- 2 my lasted patch to gettext system
(I have also done a tarball senken-0.2.5-make-2-gtk-2.tar.bz2)

How use the makefile now:
- when adding file (picture) add the entry in (or remove it)
- use the version number in
- now make install, make uinstall, make distclean, make distcheck (run 
partially) work.

I will done better po file in next day.

Fred, happy translation.

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