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RE: [Simulavr-devel] cygwin works!!!

From: Weddington, Eric
Subject: RE: [Simulavr-devel] cygwin works!!!
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 10:19:05 -0600


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> Subject: [Simulavr-devel] cygwin works!!!
> Hi,
> I now have it so configure/make will produce a
> running simulavr.exe.  I do NOT have avr-gcc
> installed so did not build the examples.  I copied
> fred from Linux for testing.  My Cygwin did not
> have tex installed so I detected that and disabled
> PDF generation.  So there is plenty more to test
> but the biggest hurdle has been crossed.
> The main problem was that we needed getopt()
> from libcygwin.a but were getting conflicts
> by picking up some symbols from libiberty.a first.
> I added libcygwin.a before it and it started working.
> The other issue was a slight rework of src/
> since you can't have the same objects in a libtool
> and non-libtool library on Cygwin.  I tinkered
> and fixed the Makefile.


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