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Re: [Simulavr-devel] Address of breakpoints from source lines

From: Sebastian
Subject: Re: [Simulavr-devel] Address of breakpoints from source lines
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 20:06:19 +0200

Am Freitag, den 18.06.2010, 15:23 +0200 schrieb ThomasK:
> Hi,
> I'm again ... ;-)
> Sebastian schrieb:
>  > Hi,
>  > is there a way to get breakpoint-adresses for source code lines
>  > directly from simulavr (with the python interface)?
> I'ts possible to set and remove breakpoints by python interface, see 
> method assertInitDone in regress/modules/ You use the 
>From looking at this and at, I got the impression that, to
"continue" from a breakpoint, you must delete it. And to recognize that
a breakpoint was reached, you test if getCurrentTime returns increasing
values when you call doRun?

Is there a way to have non-blocking breakpoints, where only a callback
is called?

What would be the advantage of simulavr-breakpoints over checking PC
after Step()-ing in single steps in a python script? Better performance
because the inner loop is completely in C++?

> If you want to get addresses for every source 
> line, you have to read it out from elf file before!
> I'm not sure, if there is a possibility with the BFD interface
In this manual:
I found a chapter on how to read line numbers from COFF. In the ELF
backend chapter, there isn't very much:

My method (Popen avr-gdb) works for me, so I don't have a big need to
extend simulavr right now. But if more users need this feature (get
adress of breakpoint by line) it's maybe worth to implement in simulavr.


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