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Re: [Sipwitch-devel] My testing setup

From: Earl
Subject: Re: [Sipwitch-devel] My testing setup
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 12:43:11 +0100
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@ Gernot

if you have a server, either in the DMZ, or with port forwarding, you can test if
packets are getting to your server by using the following generic service:

put in each port you wish to test and it will tell you if your port can be seen from

Please let the list know some feedback how this test functions.


On 28/02/2012 9:39, David Sugar wrote:
Since you are attempting to "connect" to the publicly appearing routing
address,, from the external pc, where will it attempt to
connect to?  It sounds like it would try to connect to the public
appearing address of your nat/router box.  SIP Witch sits inside your
network.  The fact that sipwitch shows no activity I think indicates
indeed no sip packets were received by it, though this can be confirmed
with wireshark.  The question is what happened at the router, did they
even arrive there?  Does it indeed forward UDP ports successfully?

On 02/27/2012 09:35 AM, Gernot Super wrote:
System: Debian Squeeze with the latest sipwitch behind router(ports
5060,5061 forwarded),, user1 running on local pc where
sipwitch server is installed, user2 external, Clients: Jitsi (latest
beta nightly)


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<user id="user1">
<secret>user1</secret>  <extension>201</extension>  <display>USER1 - Jitsi
at local pc where sipwitch server is running</display>
<user id="user2">
<secret>user2</secret>  <extension>202</extension>  <display>USER2 - Jitsi
- external via usb-key</display>
<!-- ring every 4 seconds -->
<!-- call forward no answer after x rings -->
<!-- call reset to clear cid in stack, 6 seconds -->
<realm>output from 'sipwitch realm'</realm>

Since debian started sipwitch after installation i had to stop it first.
Afterwards i edited the configuration file and started sipwitch with
sipw -x9 -f.
Then executed jitsi on the same pc, added address@hidden and
password - user1 was recognised from the server with the external
dyndns-IP, registered and activated. Jitsi says user1 is online.

So far so good. Fired up another pc, internet-connection with usb-key,
started jisti, added address@hidden -->  Jitsi: Could  not connect.
-->  sipwitch: no sign of connection
Both logfiles not informative :-(

ANY help would be very appreciated.

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