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[Sks-devel] mailsync usage

From: Fabian A. Santiago
Subject: [Sks-devel] mailsync usage
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2017 18:34:31 +0000

is there any reason to enable mailsync functionality? does anyone out there 
still use it?

i enabled it, pointing to one of my own mailboxes as a test, and it immediately 
started sending hundred of keys to that address. 

was it sending a backlog of every key I've received since I originally stood up 
my server that hadn't been mailsync'd yet? I've since turned it off as i was 
just curious. 

i also did notice that when i did that mailsync test, and tried to query my 
server's /pks/lookup?op=stats, the sks-db daemon appeared to crash and not only 
stopped responding to all web requests, but also stopped sending incremental 
mailsync emails. and then it took forever to restart successfully when restart 
command was issued manually from the cli. not too concerned since it appears no 
one uses that anymore anyway but again, just curious. thanks. 



Fabian S.

OpenPGP: 3C3FA072ACCB7AC5DB0F723455502B0EEB9070FC

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