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[Sks-devel] move to

From: Shengjing Zhu
Subject: [Sks-devel] move to
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2018 16:24:13 +0800
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Hi all,

I have moved to a new home, with new domain

Previously the server is maintained by a student association,
address@hidden(aka Linux User Group, University of Science and Technology of 
Now the server moved to the university information center.

The new server has following IP: 600 IN A 600 IN AAAA 2001:da8:d800:95::91

If you have peered with before, please update your membership
file to: 11370 # Shengjing Zhu <address@hidden> 0xCF0E265B7DFBB2F2

I'll send a separate email to my peers in next few days.

If you want to establish a new peer membership with me, please let me know!.

Shengjing Zhu

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