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[Sks-devel] temporarily offline

From: Gunnar Wolf
Subject: [Sks-devel] temporarily offline
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 22:18:36 -0500
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Hi guys,

I am doing the migration of to a better machine which
should give better stability and response times, but after moving my
files, I got the dreaded exception:

    2018-04-25 22:16:18 Opening KeyDB database
    2018-04-25 22:16:18 Shutting down database
    Fatal error: exception Keydb.Unsafe.No_db
    2018-04-25 22:16:18 DB closed

So, I will look into it tomorrow when I'm back at work. Worst case, I
will rebuild the database (although I have it still working in its
prior location, but moving a ~20GB file even via rsync is... quite

So, my server will be down for some hours, some days tops.


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