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[Social-discuss] Re: Social-discuss Digest, Vol 9, Issue 3

From: sam auciello
Subject: [Social-discuss] Re: Social-discuss Digest, Vol 9, Issue 3
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 19:35:39 -0400

We, the users, must eventually own *all* the physical infrastructure
of all our communication and productive systems such as the
farms and factories and water and land if we are to be free.

But we have been fooled into believing that ownership must
be limited to those who possess the skills needed to operate
and maintain it = the Workers...

Patrick Anderson

This is an interesting sort of inverted communism..

I think I like it.  A hundred years ago the workers were the masses and thus those in need of rights.  Now, more and more work can be automated and the masses are barely employed consumers.  Meanwhile the power lies with those who control the automated services.  Anyway, user owned servers sounds great.  Imagine a site that help polls about how it would operate and was legally bound to act upon them.

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