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[Social-discuss] first time user: can not get it to work

From: Erkan Yilmaz
Subject: [Social-discuss] first time user: can not get it to work
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 20:55:11 +0200


I've checked out the gnu-social today

after installer (Statusnet) went through successfully: 
it pointed me to: mydomain/gnu-social
which redirected to: gnu-social/main/login
and here I got: Internal Server Error

I looked in the dir but no such dir available

then I poked a little and saw the theme dir:
but the links there go to e.g.:

The bug tracker does not work: -> Page not found 
so I do not know what is the status on this project?

Before I continue: 
can someone tell me, if he recently installed this succesfully?


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