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Summer of Code 2009: Emacs project suggestion

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Summer of Code 2009: Emacs project suggestion
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 19:43:02 +1300


It's probably early days but, assuming GNU will participate in Google's
Summer of Code 2009, I would like to suggect the project below for Emacs.
I have contacted the Emacs maintainers on address@hidden and they
are agreeable to the idea.  I am willing to act as project mentor.



To migrate the GDB graphical interface in Emacs to completely use GDB/MI (GDB's
Machine Interface).  Currently the underlying lisp package, gdb-ui.el, uses a
mixture of annotations and GDB/MI to interact with GDB.  Annotations are being
deprecated and GDB/MI provides a more robust interface, as well as supporting
the new features of GDB.  There is currently a package called gdb-mi available
from the Emacs Lisp Package Archive ( that fully uses
GDB/MI but does not have all the features of gdb-ui.el.  It could be used as a
starting point and, if the project is successful, it is anticipated that the
resulting code would replace gdb-ui.el after the release of Emacs 23.1.  See or post to address@hidden for more

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