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GNUstep participation in GSoC

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: GNUstep participation in GSoC
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 10:40:42 +0100
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I know that we are rather late, but the GNUstep project would still like to participate in GSoC under the GNU umbrella. Last year this worked out rather well and we would like to build on that experience.

Here is a short paragraph that describes our project:

<h3 id="gnustep"><a href="";>GNUstep</a></h3>
<p>The GNUstep project is a GNU project that aims to create a free and open version of the Cocoa (formerly known as NeXTSTEP/OpenStep) APIs and tools for as many platforms as possible.

<p><strong>Contact:</strong>address@hidden (to subscribe, see the <a href="";>list-info page</a>).

<p>Please see this <a href="";>separate page for our project ideas</a>.</p>

Thank you for adding this, if it isn't already too late.
Do you know whether the old mentor accounts from last year are still valid or will we have to apply anew?

Fred Kiefer

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